Educationally Based Related Services 

The Virtual School Counseling team is dedicated to partnering with School Administration to provide comprehensive telehealth counseling and tutoring services in unison with the student’s educational goals. We have extensive experience working with online school students. 


We offer Consultation, Virtual Counseling (VC), Parent Training(PT) and Social Work (SW), and Tutoring, as a Related Service in the student's IEP or 504 plan.  During the counseling consultation process, VC clinicians will work in collaboration with the family and Special Education team to assess the student's comprehensive needs. Collectively, we will develop targeted IEP goals, Specially Designed Instruction, and ongoing progress monitoring.  Our strengths-based approach focuses on the academic, cognitive, social, and emotional well-being of the student, as it relates to their educational needs.


Our school services can be provided through a direct contract with your school or organization. Additionally, our behavioral health services can be extended to family needing services outside the scope of school-based supports, or as a transitional goal for graduating students


Educationally-Based Related Telehealth Services:

Special Education Consultation

Virtual Tutoring

Individual School Counseling

Family Support

Psycho-Educational Groups

Parent Training

Crisis Support

IEP/504 Team Collaboration

Specially Designed Instruction

S.A.P. Team Consultation

Social Work Services

Behavioral Intervention

Diagnosis Education

Transition & Independent Living Skills




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