Brittany D. Azzolina, MS, LPC

Brittany is the founder of TMHN and VSCN. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Having started her career 22 years ago in Wilderness Therapy, Brittany has an adventurous spirit and believes each day is an opportunity for exploration and learning.  Brittany's clinical experience has included:


  ~Foster Care/Host Home Programs 

  ~Community Residential Rehabilitation

  ~Sexual Offender and Victimization Support

  ~Partial Hospitalization Programs 

  ~School Based Counseling 

  ~Adolescent Residential Treatment

  ~Adventure Based Experiential Education

  ~Juvenile Detention & Delinquency Service

  ~ Adult Outpatient and Crisis Support

Learning is their journey.

Let them navigate.

Push them to explore..

Watch them discover.

Encourage their questions.

Allow them to be challenged.

Support their thinking.

Let them fly.

our TEAM


All staff are highly trained licensed professionals, including Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), School Guidance Counselors, Educators, and Clinical Psychologists (PsyD).

In providing services, we comply with laws, policies, and professional Telehealth standards within the state that services are provided.


We are currently hiring Educators and Clinicians.  Please contact us at:


Explore.  Empower.  Evolve